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Take a look. Shop around, and call us when you are ready.

Must act today and today only to get these great rock bottom BLOW OUT below cost prices

The price is tied to the cost of manufacturing the trailer, not whether you buy the trailer today


Line of Trailers

Standard Spartan 7x14 Enclosed Trailer

MSRP: $5,695 (We just made it up)

ONLY $4,795 - a 40% markup

but the price must be LOW because we said ONLY before the price

Spartan has no MSRP on their trailers

$3,899 - about a 15% markup

MSRP / Price / Markup

DAS  Spartan 7x14 Enclosed Trailer

     With a background in welding and an eye for quality, Welch Trailers was founded in 1987 with a simple goal: To build quality trailers that people can afford. I feel there is a market for trailers at a fair price.

     Everywhere else in the country trailer dealers buy their trailers from the manufacturer and then mark the price up 10-15% If they want to make more money, they just need to sell more trailers. Meanwhile, here in New England the trailer dealers buy from the manufacturer and mark the prices up 30-50%. And if they want to make more money, they just mark their prices up even higher.

     If you buy a Welch Trailer it will cut out the middle man because we manufacture them right here on site. If you buy one of the brands that we sell, then it will still be discounted because we only mark our trailers up 10-15%.

     Let's look at a typical sale at an average trailer dealer. Trailers are usually an impulse buy. Let's call our buyer "Fred" from "Fred's Landscaping." Fred needs a 5 ton equipment trailer, 16 feet long. The going rate for this trailer everywhere in the country, EXCEPT New England is $2,900 - $3,400. Fred walks into "FlyBoy's Honest Superior Discount Trailers" looking for the 16 foot trailer and gets a price from Herb, the Owner
                                                         (Why do crooks always seem to use the word Discount in their name?)
for $4,800 MSRP. Most trailers do not have MSRPs. Usually MSRPs in New England are made up by the dealer. If they do have a real MSRP the dealers often sell for much higher than the real MSRP. How much above the real MSRP do you want to pay? 10%? 20%? 30%?

Then Fred counters with the usual line:

"What can you do for me, I've got cash?"

"What can you do for me if I buy three trailers?"

"What can you do for me, I'm the biggest ___________ company around. Whatever I buy, everyone else buys."
                                        (Insert Company Type here; Landscape, Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.)

​Herb and Fred go back and forth and Fred ends up buying the trailer for $4,200 knowing he got a great deal because Herb told him so. And that's how the typical trailer sale is done. 

     For our customer base, we're looking for customers who've done their homework and know what trailers are really worth. People who don't want to overpay, and don't want to get talked into overpaying. 

     We serve about 85% of our customers doing business our way. To better service all people, including the people who want to overpay, AKA the "you get what you pay for" people, we are now offering a new line of trailers. All trailers that we sell can now be sold as a DAS trailer. Here is an example of the specs to compare a Spartan Enclosed Trailer to the DAS Spartan Enclosed Trailer.

utility trailers for sale Welch Trailers Taunton enclosed utility trailers equipment trailers

Welch Trailers 

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103 Old Colony Ave East Taunton MA 02718 

Must sell now due to some financial hardship. I need to sell the trailer today to pay for emergency surgery for my cat's ass cancer.*

In stock price is the same as the next shipment's price, so long as the manufacturer doesn't increase it.

For the other 15% who want to be treated the way every other trailer dealer treats them.

For the 85% of our customers who want to be treated fairly, and get a good price:

*No cats were harmed in the creation of this website

Time Frame

Fred is very happy with his new DAS trailer that he bought for only "$4,795" He brags to his friends that he bought the trailer for $1,000 below MSRP because the owner made the mistake of slipping out that he needed the money for an operation for his cat. "And that's when I really put it to him" said Fred. "I'm pretty sure I bought the trailer below cost." 

Now, with the DAS line Welch Trailers can now serve 100% of the people, the 85% who want to be treated fairly, and the 15% who don't.

Enclosed Utility Trailers

All DAS trailers are the LAST ONE AVAILABLE, even if we have two or more in the lot of the same exact type. We will inform you that those others are already sold. 

Equipment Trailers