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     With a background in welding and an eye for quality, Welch Trailers was founded in 1987 with a simple goal: To build quality trailers that people can afford. I feel there is a market for trailers at a fair price.

     Everywhere else in the country trailer dealers buy their trailers from the manufacturer and then mark the price up 10-15% If they want to make more money, they just need to sell more trailers. Meanwhile, here in New England the trailer dealers buy from the manufacturer and mark the prices up 30-50%. And if they want to make more money, they just mark their prices up even higher.

     If you buy a Welch Trailer it will cut out the middle man because we manufacture them right here on site. If you buy one of the brands that we sell, then it will still be discounted because we only mark our trailers up 10-15%.Type your paragraph here.

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